Lina Ashar is an author, entrepreneur and educationist. She is the founder of two successful school chains; the Kangaroo Kids Education Limited (KKEL) and Billabong High International Schools (BHIS).

She came to India in 1987 after spending most of her childhood and college years in Australia, where she completed her B.Ed. in Melbourne and gained significant experience in international teaching methodologies.

Her passion for education and creating a purpose of learning for kids led her to join a prestigious school in Mumbai as a teacher. However, she was dismayed by her experience in an Indian classroom. Distressed by the straightjacket approach of the education system, which was heavily based on rote learning and curbed the children’s creative growth and intrinsic abilities, she decided to start her own pre-school and set upon her journey to transform the face of education in India.

Both KKEL and BHIS are successful chains with branches across India and a few international regions. The success of these two schools helped further her vision and resolution to transform the quality of education in India.

Her two books, ‘Who do you think you’re kidding?’ and ‘Drama Teen’, have received wide acclaim and are an attestation of her acumen and understanding of matters related to childcare and development.